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Technion In The News 14.05.2015

Technion In The News 14.05.2015

News Roundup


 The following is a roundup of recent news items in English.

 Shabbat Shalom,

Gil Lainer


 In the picture: Opening night of The Joint Student Festival at the Technion 

Going China

Danny Yamin, Microsoft Israel Chief and chairman of the Technion Council, Leaving to Join Company's International Management

The Water Front

The World’s Largest & Cheapest Reverse-Osmosis Desalination Plant is Up & Running in Israel

To the White House

Founders of BreezoMeter among 72 start-ups invited to participate in the White House's Emerging Global Entrepreneurship event

Welcome to the White House-2

Israeli inventors of the first real-time air quality and health recommendation platform were chosen to come to the Global Emerging Entrepreneurs Event

Learning From Fish to Develop New Materials

These materials were developed by Assistant Prof.Stephan Rudykh,head of mechanics at the soft materials lab at the Technion

And Then There Was Nano-1

Joan And Arnold Seidel Help Launch Exhibition Of Nano Bible At Israel Museum.

And Then There Was Nano-2

The light English version.

And Then There Was Nano-3

You are trying to remember a verse in the bible and you just don’t happen to have one handy. Well, scientists at the Technion have solved that dilemma, but you will need exceptionally good eyesight to read it

Israel Ranks 8th in Physics Olympiad

Dr. Eli Raz, a physics lecturer at the Technion,led the team.

The Desal Prize

Honorable Mention to Team Green Desal, which included members of Techinon, for developing a high-percent recovery system that integrates technologies in reverse osmosis, ion exchange, nanofiltration, re-mineralization, and disinfection