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Technion In The News 21.05.2015

Technion In The News 21.05.2015

News Roundup


 The following is a roundup of recent news items in English.

 Shabbat Shalom,

Gil Lainer


 In the picture: PhD Ceremony at the Technion Last night


Students Win Medals

Students, led by Dr. Eli Raz, a physics lecturer at the Technion,win 2 silver and 4 bronze at Asian Physics Olympiad

From Miami to Israel

A delegation of leaders in the Miami tech-startup community spent a week in Israel with AJC's Project Interchange

Adams Fellowships

Technion's Omri Azencot is among the winners

Why the Northeast Corridor Can’t Handle Fast Trains

Prof. Rachelle Alterman explains some of the difficulties of building high-speed rail in the United States

Mediterranean Countries Face Similar Challenges in Implementing ICZM Policies

Mare Nostrum project initiator and coordinator, Prof. Rachelle Alterman, explains

Water Sensitive Cities in Israel

New Israeli research project might make Israel an important part of the solution to water crisis

Israeli Project Works to Make Global Cities’ Water Good to the Last Drop

Eran Friedler, senior research fellow and head of the Water Forum Project at Technion, leads a team whose objective is to develop a holistic vision for water sensitive cities in Israel

Nocturnal Robots Count Apples

Raphael Linker & Eliyahu Kelman of the Technion wrote an algorithm for identifying apples on trees

Is Mobile Malware Protection Worth the Money?

A group of students from Technion helped conduct a study that showed the initial detection rate of malware was only 5%

Body-Armor Inspired By Nature

"Personally, I see myself using such armor when traversing certain dangerous places in the urban jungle"